​wooden urns

American Made with Pride!

Nelson Woodworks is a small manufacturer based in Minnesota that only makes cremation urns. This makes us experts in our field. Our customers can be assured that the urn they buy is the best possible quality for their money.

This sets us aside because many sellers either import their urns from overseas, or make a number of products so urns are just a side business for them. All of our urns are made by hand with the greatest care and attention to detail. We aren't just making boxes, we are making the final resting place for your loved one. We take this honor very seriously!

Because we make all of our urns, we can make just about anything for you. You need engraving? We can do that. How about a carving of a picture? We can do that too. Want a special one of a kind theme urn? We have done many of these for people. We love the opportunity to fulfill peoples final wishes!

About Nelson Woodworks! Wooden Urns