American Made with Pride!

Oak Monument Urn Engraved

Oak Bevel Top Urn Engraved

Segmented Domestic Urn

Ebonized Flag Case

Oak Ogee Urn Engraved

Cherry FT w/Curly Maple Top

Cherry Dovetail Urn Carved

Cherry Dovetail Urn Engraved

Log Cabin Urn

Oak Cross Carved 

Walnut Ogee Urn Carved

Walnut Dovetail Urn Engraved

Purpleheart Memory Box Urn

Walnut Pet Urn w/Engraved Maple Panel

Cherry Memory Box Urn Engraved

Cherry Frame Top Urn w/Custom Tile

Walnut Photo Memory Box w/Urn

Cherry and Mappa Burl Pet Urn w/Engraving

Cherry and Purpleheart Keepsake Urn

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Cherry Keepsake Mason Urn

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Replica Cherry Xbox Urn

Cherry Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Western Cedar Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Wenge and Curly Maple Memory Box

Segmented Urn

Cypress Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Koa Photo Pet Urn

Replica Edison Radio Urn

Reclaimed Doug Fir Floating Top w/ Rosewood Cross

Makore Bevel Top Urn

Maple Cross Urn w/Crotch Walnut Top

Maple Horse Keepsake Urn

Oak Firefighter Bevel Top w/Engraving

Custom Nesting Urns w/Intarsia

Rosewood Memory Box Urn

Oak Bevel Top Bloodwood Cross w/Engraving

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Matching Keepsakes

Cherry Monument Urn w/Engraving

Oak Military Memory Box Urn w/Engraving

Padauk Floating Top Urn w/Spalted Maple Top

Pine Floating Top w/QSWO and Mesquite Urn

Red Cedar and Mesquite Keepsake Urn

Oak Monument Urn w/Engraving

Redwood Urn Birdseye Maple Top w/Redwood Burl Inlay

Red Elm Floating Top w/Crotch Walnut Top

Walnut Mappa Burl w/Engraving

Russian Olive Urn

Walnut Bevel Top w/Engraving

Walnut Military Bevel Top w/Engraving

Cherry Dovetail w/Mahogany Inlay Top Engraved 

Walnut Ogee Top w/Engraving

House Urn

Walnut Platform Urn w/Engraving

Walnut Pet Urn w/Maple Panel Carving

Cherry Box Urn w/Engraving

Cherry Shovelhead Motor Urn Back

Cherry Shovelhead Motor Urn Front

Paduak w/Zebrawood Top

Oak Memory Box Urn w/ Engraving

Mahogany Dovetail Photo Urn

Snoopy Urn with Matching Keepsake

Gallery of Custom Work

A selection of custom work we have done. Please contact us to inquire about getting a custom urn today!