Cherry Keepsake Mason Urn

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Replica Cherry Xbox Urn

Cherry Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Western Cedar Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Wenge and Curly Maple Memory Box

Segmented Urn

Cypress Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Oak Firefighter Bevel Top w/Engraving

Custom Nesting Urns w/Intarsia

Rosewood Memory Box Urn

Oak Bevel Top Bloodwood Cross w/Engraving

Redwood Urn Birdseye Maple Top w/Redwood Burl Inlay

Red Elm Floating Top w/Crotch Walnut Top

Walnut Mappa Burl w/Engraving

Russian Olive Urn

Walnut Bevel Top w/Engraving

Walnut Military Bevel Top w/Engraving

Cherry Dovetail w/Mahogany Inlay Top Engraved 

Walnut Ogee Top w/Engraving

House Urn

Walnut Platform Urn w/Engraving

Walnut Pet Urn w/Maple Panel Carving

Cherry Box Urn w/Engraving

Cherry Shovelhead Motor Urn Back

Cherry Shovelhead Motor Urn Front

Paduak w/Zebrawood Top

Oak Memory Box Urn w/ Engraving

Mahogany Dovetail Photo Urn

Snoopy Urn with Matching Keepsake

Gallery of Custom Work

A selection of custom work we have done. Please contact us to inquire about getting a custom urn today!

American Made with Pride!

Walnut Ogee Urn Carved

Walnut Dovetail Urn Engraved

Purpleheart Memory Box Urn

Cherry and Purpleheart Keepsake Urn

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Koa Photo Pet Urn

Replica Edison Radio Urn

Maple Horse Keepsake Urn

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Matching Keepsakes

Cherry Monument Urn w/Engraving

Oak Military Memory Box Urn w/Engraving

Pine Floating Top w/QSWO and Mesquite Urn

Red Cedar and Mesquite Keepsake Urn

Oak Monument Urn w/Engraving

Oak Monument Urn Engraved

Oak Bevel Top Urn Engraved

Segmented Domestic Urn

Cherry Dovetail Urn Engraved

Log Cabin Urn

Oak Cross Carved 

Cherry Frame Top Urn w/Custom Tile

Walnut Photo Memory Box w/Urn

Reclaimed Doug Fir Floating Top w/ Rosewood Cross

Makore Bevel Top Urn

Maple Cross Urn w/Crotch Walnut Top

Oak Bevel Top Urn w/Engraving

Padauk Floating Top Urn w/Spalted Maple Top

Ebonized Flag Case

Oak Ogee Urn Engraved

Cherry FT w/Curly Maple Top

Cherry Dovetail Urn Carved

Walnut Pet Urn w/Engraved Maple Panel

Cherry Memory Box Urn Engraved

Cherry and Mappa Burl Pet Urn w/Engraving